Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure

Certain features available in Trend Micro products collect and send feedback regarding product usage and detection information to Trend Micro. Some of this data is considered personal in certain jurisdictions and under certain regulations. If you do not want Trend Micro to collect personal data, you must ensure that you disable the related features.

The following link outlines the types of data that Mail Scanner collects and provides detailed instructions on how to disable the specific features that feedback the information.

Data collected by Trend Micro is subject to the conditions stated in the Trend Micro Privacy Policy:

Mail Scanner Data Collection

Mail Scanner automatically analyzes your Gmail mailbox content to block threats and provide you with advanced functions to help you manage email messages more efficiently and securely.

By installing Mail Scanner, you consent to allow Trend Micro to scan, receive, and collect the following information:

*Email body**Email sender information in the “From:” field
Email subject**Email recipient information in the “To:” field
Estimated size of email message
Actions taken on your Gmail mailbox, including email message added, email message deleted, label added, and label removed.

* Encrypted before storing.

** Characters before the “at sign” (@) are masked with the hash (#) character.


If you do not want to allow Trend Micro to collect any personal data, do not install Mail Scanner. Mail Scanner services can be canceled any time and Trend Micro deletes any collected data at the time you cancel the service.

How Data Is Collected

Threat Scan

Mail Scanner scans your Gmail mailbox and identifies suspicious content, such as malicious URLs, suspicious attachments, phishing emails, and spam, to protect you against viruses and ransomware. If a suspicious email message is detected, it is automatically moved to the “Blocked by Trend Micro” folder. Mail Scanner then sends you an email report for further action.

Machine Learning

Trend Micro uses machine learning technology to provide you with advanced functions, such as personalized email reminders. Data collected by Mail Scanner is used for machine learning training purposes, and is encrypted and stored in Amazon cloud storage to prevent data loss.